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Infant Classroom

Our infant room accepts children from 6 weeks of age up to 15 months of age. The classroom is licensed for 7 children with 2 teachers. The infant room is a play based curriculum with a large focus on sensory input. The children explore with different textures through touch, taste and smell. There is a schedule which the teachers follow for snack time, project time, lunch, outdoor and nap. When infants are not on a nap schedule they nap and eat as needed. As they become closer to toddler age we work on having them follow a schedule to help with the transition up to toddlers. Infants spend a lot of time outside, either going for a walk in the stroller or on our playground.


Toddler Classroom

We do have two toddler classrooms for children ages 15months to 2.9 years old. These classrooms are licensed for 9 toddlers with 2 teachers to each classroom. The toddler classrooms are also play based with a large focus on building our social emotional skills, while learning language and strengthening our gross motor skills. The toddlers spend as much time as they can outside together as a large group. It is nice for them to be able to get to know the children in each class because when they move up to preschool they will all be together. They have a set schedule but we are always flexible to meet children’s needs.


Preschool Classroom

Children age out of the toddler classroom and then they move up to the preschool room. Our preschool room is licensed for 20 children with 2 teachers. However we have found with this particular age group there is a need for 3 teachers at all times. So we are making sure to have 3 teachers in the preschool room so all children get individual attention. Some of the skills we are working on in preschool are social emotional, using our words to express our needs and wants. Our preschool teachers have a theme for the week and create their curriculum around the theme. They observe the children and base some of the themes off the interest of the children.


Pre-K Classroom

Our Pre-K classroom is designed as a Kindergarten readiness program. The children in this classroom are typically 4-5 years of age but occasionally a younger child will transition over sooner if they are developmentally ready. Pre-K is licensed for 20 children with 2 teachers. Our program is using the Wilson Fundations reading program for beginning reading skills. We are working skills such as sitting quietly, taking turns talking, using our words with our friends, coping skills for when we are upset. Children in Pre-K have also created a “camp Pre-K” off our nature trail in the woods! They enjoy exploring in nature weekly and taking their learning to the woods!


Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room...

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