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Our son has been attending Busy Bee in the toddler room for the last 10 months. I am happy and comfortable dropping him off knowing that he is well cared for by his teachers and all of the Busy Bee Staff! When we walk through the door or down the hallway we are often greeted by friendly staff who know my sons name and he is always happy to give them a smile in return. We adore our classroom teachers who have been reliable and dedicated to their class despite COVID and all that it involves. Our son has opened up from a quiet young toddler to a very talkative and independent 2 year old!

– Kaitlyn Clairmont

Busy bee is amazing! My son had a really hard time with meeting new people as we don’t really go anywhere. He has done such an amazing job at busy bee and has grown so much since he started. The teachers are absolutely amazing and I couldn’t thank them enough for all they do for my son and all the other children. Busy bee really has helped my son grow and learn so many new things, he has made tons of friends and has such a special connection with his teachers. We love it here!

– Jessica Kalinowski

Our family has sent both our children to Busy Bee from infant - to toddler - now preschool classes for the last 3 years. During the pandemic they have had to pivot and adjust but have always kept the focus on caring for, educating and keeping our littles safe while keeping open lines of communication with us, the parents. We are so grateful to have them in our community! Our kid’s love coming to school at Busy Bee!

– Caleb and Chelsea Huff 


Jamie and I feel confident when we leave our child that she will be cared for properly, treated with respect, and most importantly, kept safe.  We think of the Busy Bee as a community, where children can be individuals and learn at their own pace, while also having lots of fun with friends. It's comforting to leave your child and know she will have a fun day!

– Doug and Jamie Shohan

We have had such a great experience at busy bee! We’ve been in four classrooms (and emergency care at the start of Covid!) now as Emmy has grown and each teacher is as amazing as the one before.


Starting with Nana, I don’t know how I would’ve survived Emmy’s baby stage without her, she is so compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable and I know Emmy loved her too. 


Moving on to Kerri in toddler 1, she’s another one of the kindest people and has such a way with all of the kids, Emmy still sees her in the parking lot and says “Hi Ms Kerri!”.

In toddler 2, Bailey is just amazing, I have to give her so much credit when it comes to Emmy being the great little person she is, she learned so much being in toddler 2 and I couldn’t ask for more kindness and open communication from Bailey. And finally into preschool! We haven’t had much time there yet but Zach, Michelle and Jenn seem so great and I’m excited to have Emmy learn and grow even more.


Emmy really has been molded by everyone at Busy Bee and I’m so thankful she has had such a great group of teachers. She spends a lot of time with all of you so I definitely can’t take all of the credit for her being so smart, caring, generous and kind, it really is a reflection of what she sees and learns at Busy Bee as well.

– Lindsay Lungren

As new parents in a pandemic we have found Busy Bee to be a place of consistency and confidence for our child and family. Starting off in the infant room we had an excellent experience in getting to know the teachers and staff. We were offered time to come in and view the room and for teachers to get to know our child. This experience laid a foundation of trust for both our child and us as parents.

In transition to the toddler room we find communication easy, the atmosphere fun, energetic and engaging. The attentiveness to outdoor play at this stage is very important to us and is fostered so well in all seasons! We are so grateful for the facility as a whole and look forward to our future here!

– Courtney Maslak


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